About​ Mithras Analytics

The energy industry is at the forefront of climate change policies and many energy companies are navigating the choppy waters of a rapidly changing business environment. Businesses are trying to answer existential questions such as “how do prices evolve from here?”, “what will the energy transition mean for my business?” and “how will my business be impacted, if markets shrink or expand by 10%?”.

We started Mithras Analytics to help solve a distinct problem facing businesses active in supply, trade and financing of gas and LNG products: a need for a cost-effective, user-friendly and transparent global gas model that provides industry leaders and analysts with more visibility over fundamental drivers of the market and prices, specially in the mid to long term. By allowing users to create different scenarios on our base-case datasets, we help energy businesses have a better understanding of supply and demand uncertainties and mitigate their long-term business risk more effectively.

We are a team of energy analysts and modelers, formerly from Centrica’s Group Fundamental team and have extensive experience in helping leaders and strategy managers to put together high-quality energy models, databases and research papers, at competitive rates. Talk to us about your modelling and research requirements today.